Development Management

Land’Sake directly works with clients to understand and articular their specific requirements and goals regarding a specific project. We understand the varied and complex development process and will help guide our clients through the process to deliver the desired project successfully


Market Assessment / Project Feasibility / Financial Analysis: A successful project generally addresses a market need that is confirmed with a market study. Following the market study we are prepared to develop a financial plan or model for the project. We can also assist or develop the marketing and sale plan.

Shepherding a project through the development process includes selecting and engaging a land planning and/or engage an engineering professional to assist with the municipal and regional agency entitlement process. Beyond this there is the process of selecting an excavation and utility contractor for the project to confirm the costs for the financing model. When needed we can complement or help manage the proposed marketing plan along with the sales plan. Finally if needed we review the process and help evaluate the final result to prepare for the next client opportunity.


Project Feasibility/Financial Analysis: We begin the development process with an in-depth analysis to understand the goals of the client’s project to determine whether the project is financially feasible.

Site Acquisition: Following project feasibility, we work with the client to find and acquire the appropriate site for their proposed facility.

Project Management: Leading the project through the development process includes interviewing and selecting an architect, engineer and contractor to build a project, assist in arranging project financing with lenders, along with securing the necessary municipal and multiple agency entitlements.

Commercial Real Estate Services